The Forbidden Army

In the distant future, humanity has expanded into the stars through economic prowess and military might, forming the Human Alliance. Over the centuries, they have gone to war numerous times with the Krokator Star Empire, and are now in a state of perpetual cold war with the highly-regimented krokator. But when a new threat emerges from the galaxy's underbelly and darkest corner, this decades-long détente will be challenged.

Major John Gresham’s job involves writing military reports and explaining them in front of panels of disinterested politicians, not investigating gun traffickers and international terrorists. When a bombing in the heart of the capital rocks the Alliance’s establishment, Gresham is asked by the President himself to finish another agent’s investigation of a mysterious weapons theft – an agent who had his work cut unexpectedly short at the receiving end of a knife.

Light years away, the krokator Emperor is assassinated during the holy week by an ultraviolent faction calling itself the Forbidden Army. The Emperor’s sister, demanding revenge, tasks unquestioningly loyal soldier Akgu Zurra to head to the Alliance to hunt down and kill the Forbidden Army’s foreign bankrollers.

When their paths cross, Gresham and Zurra come to realize that they face enemies beyond rogue terrorists, and that the Forbidden Army has friends from as high as the Alliance’s social elite to gangsters in the alien slums. As the bodies pile up and the clock ticks towards the Forbidden Army’s endgame, their mission becomes more than just a mission – it becomes personal.

Humans and krokator have always hated each other, but the unlikeliest of partners from the two long-warring races will have to work together to prevent an even more devastating attack against the seat of galactic power in "The Forbidden Army", the first novel in the League of Planets Adventure from Henrik Rohdin.


"Fantastic from beginning to end."

-"Waterfall888," user review


"A text that calls to mind, in its gritty settings, 'Blade Runner...' a joy to read."

-"English Prof," user review


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